Tai Chi

If you would like to learn Tai Chi, then come along to our Wednesday evening classes in Brookhouse.

I have been learning and developing my Tai Chi for over 25 years, and what I teach now is a combination of styles, techniques, and exercises that help us to get the most out of our practice. Beginers learn the standard Yang style short form, which takes a year or so to get to grips with, and then we move on to a sequence of Tai Chi 37 postures brought together into a form.

Within each class, we practice some basic exercises that help us with our mobility, flexibility and posture, and Chi Kung exercises that benefit specific areas of health. Through this we can investigate how the principles of Tai Chi can be used as a martial art, for health promotion, or simply for daily exercise and relaxation. After a period of practice you will become more aware of your own health, and how to maintain it, and you will have at your disposal a set of health-giving exercises that you can use throughout your life whenever and wherever you need them.

The main focus of the class is how to use Tai Chi for health, but we also develop our Chi sensitivity through techniques including sticking-hands, push-hands, and basic partner work. We do not currently practice Tai Chi for combat, but we do demonstrate how the principles can be used as a martial-art, and if you have an interest in this then we can help you to develop your skills in this area too.